How Big is Space?

Great question! The answer is that scientists don’t know. Space is definitely incredibly big. Just to get to the moon in the fastest rocket, it would take you four days. Getting to the nearest planet, Mars, would take about 200 days. The nearest star to our Sun is Proxima Centauri. It’s about 4 light years away […]

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Why is a Nebula Cool?

A Nebula is a giant cloud of colored gas and dust that can span hundreds light years across. Nebulae are often formed after a giant star explodes in a supernova, and they are the birth place of new stars. If you were inside a Nebula, you would be quite cold, as most of the dust and gas […]

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What to Do Near a Black Hole

Watch out! You’re getting close to a Black Hole. A Black Hole is a massive source of gravity, that can swallow just about anything that gets near. When a supermassive star dies, its matter falls into a tiny space with infinite density. It’s called a Singularity. Around the Black Hole is something called an Event […]

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Do Aliens Exist?

Are we alone in the Universe, or are there other forms of intelligent life? So far, scientists have not discovered evidence of alien life in space or on other planets. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The planets in our solar system do not appear to have the same ability to support life as […]

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What Should I Take to Space?

Hi! Is this your first space mission? Let us help you by giving you hints of what to take along! You’ll need: A flashlight, A spacesuit, Oxygen, Friends, Courage, Freeze Dried Food, Water, Training, You’ll probably need a few more things since space is an unpredictable place. Who knows if you’ll meet intelligent life out there, discover new stars […]

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